Storm season is here!  What should do if you’re hit?  Being prepared is always a good thing and can even help you get your house fixed faster too.  Knowing who to call and what to look for is important!

If you have recently experienced a storm in your area, you may have damage and not even know it.  Unnoticed storm damage can lead to leaks, water damage, and mold.  Yuck!  Left unrepaired, these issues only fester and get worse.  Eventually, a small problem will turn into a big problem.

Let Artisan Design and Construction, Inc. inspect your roof, siding, gutters, windows and doors for possible damage, take pictures and document the damage.  We’ll even meet with your insurance claim adjuster on site to ensure all damages are covered and nothing is overlooked.

Hail, wind, fallen trees & debris can damage your roof, siding, fascia, gutters, windows, and doors.

Artisan Design and Construction, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to fight on behalf of the homeowner so that the insurance company pays for all damages to fully restore the property and the only out of pocket cost to the homeowner is their deductible.

We use only the highest quality and widely recognized brands of materials.

We promptly give free written proposals, provide references, obtain all permits, maintain a safe and clean job site, and provide lien waivers.  All workmanship is fully guaranteed