Artisan Design and Construction, Inc. is licensed, bonded, and insured in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  They provide construction expertise in all types of remodeling and residential construction, including:

Procedure Process

Artisan Design and Construction, Inc. is a full service design/build firm capable of exceeding your expectations. Our professional team process is committed to completing your project with great care, attention to detail and as little interruption to your lifestyle as possible.  From beginning design concept to final end cleanup here is the process to expect.

Construction DrawingsStep 1. Initial Consultation

  • Discuss project objectives and budget
  • Discuss design concepts and any alternatives
  • Review material and style preferences
  • Review features of design and build process

Step 2. Design

  • Sketch concept designs
  • Interior design consultation
  • Hand drafted plans
  • Plans from licensed contractor

Step 3. Pre-Construction

  • Detailed written proposal
  • Sign contracts with fixed-price proposal and payment terms
  • Develop preliminary project schedule
  • Obtain permits

Step 4. Construction

  • Walk-through with carpenters and subcontractors
  • Monitor accuracy and quality of all work
  • Reconcile plans and specifications with actual conditions
  • Obtain inspections
  • Document and implement change orders

Step 5. Completion of Your Finished Home

  • Warranty
  • Owner’s manual
  • Project portfolio photographs